The New York giants are currently 0-3 this season, and things are not turning out the way that fans expected and the way analysts predicted. Coming into the preseason, the team had the potential to be a playoff team. However, as the season progresses, playoffs no longer look like an option. Losing to the Cowboys 19-3, Lions 24-10, and Eagles 27-24, the Giants do not look like they are ready for the regular season, let alone playoffs.

Recap of game against Eagles

The Philadephia Eagles are a huge division rival of the Giants so it was expected that the team would come out with great energy.

They did not come out with a solid level of effort, however. Eli Manning threw two interceptions in the first half, and lackluster playcalling led most offensive drives into punts. The defense spent a lot of time on the field and became exhausted. The Eagles came into the fourth quarter leading 14-0. In the fourth quarter, the Giants offense showed promise, as Eli and Odell were able to connect on two red zone touchdowns and Sterling Shepard scored a 77-yard touchdown. It appeared the Giants were about to get over the hump.

Later on, the Eagles scored to tie the game. The Giants kicked a field goal to put them up three, then the Eagles tied it again with a field goal of their own. Unfortunately, the Giants offense broke down and was forced to punt.

The Eagles took this last opportunity to go down the field and kick a game-winning field goal, and, just like that, the Giants season took a dark turn as they tallied three consecutive losses.

Possible reasons for the Giants' slump

The Giants have several problems that need to be addressed. The quarterback, Eli Manning, continues to make poor decisions in the red zone and has poor mobility, resulting in a lot of interceptions.

Eli needs more time in the pocket in order to make better decisions. However, time in the pocket is a luxury that he does not have. This is due to the subpar efforts of the offensive line.

The offensive line allows the opposing defense to rush the quarterback as well as commit excessive penalties. It's no surprise that coach Ben McAdoo calls shotgun plays on third down near the goal line.

New York's receivers can't get open if the quarterback is rushed so often. The receivers are the main offensive option due to the team's average running backs. Prior to the game versus the Eagles, the run offense accounted for about twenty yards. If the offense can't produce, then the defense has to stay out longer. The defense is good, but it is not enough to win games. These holes in the offensive scheme show that major improvement is needed.

Looking forward into the Giants' season

The Giants are not showing the potential to win a Superbowl. They haven't started a season this poorly since the dreadful 0-6 start in 2013. New York needs to focus on strengthening their offensive line. Their improvement will make the team better overall.

My prediction for the season record is 7-9. The team can still make the playoffs with a losing record depending on the records of the other teams in the NFC East. But for now, the Giants should focus on securing their first win of the season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week.