You may ask, as Democracy around the world seems under threat, why I choose to say it is Inevitable. The short answer is because it is. The longer answer is that democracy is built into the rules of our universe. I say our universe because I have no idea whether other universes exist.

Taking a longer view than we are used to, democracy will be the default. It will be how we choose to organize and guide our common destiny.


freedom is among the things that are built into every human being. Amend that. There is freedom in all creation and most particularly in living creatures.

In its most primitive form, freedom is the capacity to make a choice. It is what makes nothing certain. There will always be an exception somewhere. Within us, freedom is the faculty that enables making decisions. Our entire existence is a parade of decisions.

The capacity to make choices is portentous when it is misused. Mass murderers and dictators are evidence enough. The capacity is essential to everything that takes place. There is nothing that happens that does not evidence a decision.


Will is the second utility within each human being that explains the necessity for democracy. Will is found only in living beings. It is what can move us. It can make our choices resonate. It is energy and capacity.

We all have a will. Some see it as Schweitzer did, as a will to live shared by all. Others see it in a binary way, like Nietzsche. It is all about power. The most salient fact about both will and freedom is that they can and do work together to achieve goals.


Love is a third element within all persons, the most mysterious and complex of the trio.

It makes prodigal use of both freedom and will. How it is manifested is never entirely certain. It is why we exist at all, and it can be the basis for the worst of tragedies.

The fact that love exists at all is proof we are not merely social. We reach out. Our concern for all should embrace the commonality of all. We are together a collection of free human beings.

We all have a will and freedom. Over time we have won have rights as well.

Love is a spectrum. It embraces values from the ugliest and most harmful to the very heights of goodness. Everything finally does center in individuals. That is why democracy, the rule of all, in inevitable. We all, also, live according to what we most value.


If you acknowledge these three things about us, freedom, will and love, democracy becomes more and more reasonable. A further article will suggest why it is likely to happen universally sooner than later.