Mike Gundy doing a shirtless appearance at a pep rally for Oklahoma State literally means nothing. I tend to have a different take on these things because going without your shirt cannot actually make your Team win crucial games. He got very lucky with Oklahoma losing to Iowa State, but that does not mean that Oklahoma State is in the clear. They have to hope that TCU will lose, or they need to step up and do their job.

Of course, he is in shape

Mike Gundy is a millionaire with a job with flexible hours and can afford a personal trainer and a nice gym membership.

He also works right next to a gym, and he basically has no excuse to not be in shape. This kind of stunt is really just a look at how privileged people like to show you how privileged they are. Unless Gundy is going to fight someone, it literally does not matter if he is in shape. He just wants us to forget his coaching failures.

Posturing does not produce wins

Posturing as a coach does not produce wins as evidenced by how bad LSU looks right now with Ed Orgeron as the head coach. It is terribly difficult for someone to make their team win, and coming up with stunts in the middle of the season to draw attention away from your mistakes makes you look more guilty than you already were. It would have been better if he had shown up and told the crowd his team would stop having stupid losses even though he's made so much money he could pay for everyone in the crowd to go to school.

They need a miracle

Oklahoma State needs a miracle, and they need that miracle to come in the form of a TCU Horned Frog loss. If TCU can lose at some point this season, the Cowboys are back in it. This is a very simple thing, and it is probably worth talking about more than the gym membership this guy has. I would like to see Oklahoma State be successful, but it is hard to support them when their coach looks this silly.

You are an old man, and you need to start acting like you might have a little bit of dignity left. There will come a time when he will think this looks stupid, and he probably still will not have a championship ring to show for it. Is humiliating yourself in public worth it if all you will do is the same thing over and over?

I am surprised that T. Boone Pickens allows this, but he can waste him only if he wants. The Cowboys are certainly not the team I would be spending it on. Surely we can find a coach who knows how to stop losing the wrong games, or do they think that is too much of a task for him?