Texas has lost to oklahoma, and in the process they looked even worse than we thought they would. The team has not been set up properly in any way, and these two rookie coaches are clearly going in different directions. I would like to know what Oklahoma must think watching Texas fall so hard. This is really a matter of ego, and it is going to take more time for Texas to fix itself than they thought.

Oklahoma was never broken

Oklahoma has not been broken for a very Long Time, and Bob Stoops took over a team that was very easy to manage. He won a national title quickly, and he simply built the program into something solid that he was able to walk away from comfortably.

He had the right assistant to replace him, and the school did not overestimate its value. There are a lot of people who think that Oklahoma is just as important as Texas, but Oklahoma never acted like they were that important. Texas, on the other hand, chose to overvalue itself, and they are without a program that is of any consequence. They are still suffering from pushing Mack Brown out the door.

Can Texas be fixed?

If you mean by fixed that they can beat Oklahoma soon, that's probably not the case. There is just no way this Texas team can be as talented as Oklahoma in the next couple of years. While Oklahoma is trying to win national titles, Texas will have to completely rebuild their program..

Texas has shown us the price of ego, and they just have to have time to get better. Granted, they have played better lately, but they are not good enough to just make a change and be great in a couple weeks. This team needs to be changed to fit Tom Herman, and he needs to be given time to do that. It is college football, and it is going to make money whether we like it or not.

The fans are rabid, and they will sell out the stadium.

The Sooners coattails

Texas, however, will be pushed on by Oklahoma. These two schools hate each other enough that they will lean on each other for momentum. Texas will take the challenge from the Sooners as something to be taken seriously, and they will use that challenge to get better.

It will not make them more talented, but it will make them a much more competitive team overall. You might have to wait to see a change in Texas, but you will see it. Herman and Riley are not even as collectively old as Bill Snyder at Kansas State, and they could be facing off against each other for a very long time. That would be nice to see every October or November.