It is more than obvious that Lonzo Ball is a zombie controlled by his dad, and the family brand is something that is more important than integrity, people, and the universe-at-large. We have seen how Lavar Ball acts even though he knows that he will not be looked on well by history, and his child is playing for the Lakers in some random pair of shoes every night. ESPN has a Sneaker Tracker that is effectively mocking Lonzo for having no integrity and trying to string along sneaker companies. I am surprised he wants to be that kind of person.

Who would he choose?

We have no idea if Lonzo will wear a certain pair of shoes on a certain night, and it is very important for us to remember that the Ball family is only trying to gouge as much money as possible from the sneaker companies. Ball probably cannot play in his own sneakers because they are dangerous, and he is angling to see who he can entice to sign him. He has already turned down a lot of money, and his skill as a player only goes so far. I bet that some companies want nothing to do with him, and I bet that the others are a little bit tired of this.

He is a sideshow

Lonzo Ball has been turned into a total sideshow. He might turn out to be a good player, but people are going to be laughing at him until the sneaker tracker is no longer necessary.

I cannot imagine grown players in the NBA taking him seriously when they know that he is being openly mocked by ESPN 24 hours a day on their website. I would trash talk him about his sneakers. If he were wearing the Ball brand of shoe I would ask him if he was going to roll his ankle for my entertainment that night. Why? The Ball family looks ridiculous right now from the homeschooling to the shoes, to the antics.

He is becoming an easy target again.

It needs to end

Surely, Lavar Ball loves the free press, but he needs to think very hard about how his kid and his family are perceived. His child and his family look clownish at best every time something like this comes up. Lonzo can play, but that cannot overshadow the fact that he is a stooge in a very long con his dad is perpetrating on the public.

He is going to try to scam kids into playing for his AAU team because he will stand up for them, but those kids will end up looking just as stupid. Would you want to deal with anyone who chose to play for this guy? No. Would you want to be the person from Adidas who had to deal with him during the referee debacle? He is just not worth it, and that is why the sneaker tracker is funny.