The Dallas Cowboys have lost to the Los Angeles Rams this weekend because they could not score enough against Jared Goff. Jared Goff is much better than anyone could have thought, and it is clear that the Cowboys are in a heap of trouble. There were many different people who thought that Rams would be pathetic again because Jared Goff was a bust, but he just chewed up a team that was supposed to contend to go to the Super Bowl. There are a number of different reasons why the Rams will keep improving, and there are many reasons why the Cowboys will continue to transgress until the end of the season.

The Cowboys are falling apart

This team is imploding pretty quickly, and they are having a hard time keeping up with teams that they should be beating. It is much harder for this team to play defense, and they are not able to score enough because their defense is on the field so much. Losing time of possession to their opponents leaves the Cowboys at a distinct disadvantage, and they have the Ezekiel Elliott problem hanging over their heads. The Cowboys cannot get out of their own way, and they will continue to be in their own way until they have corrected every problem from their defense to Ezekiel Elliott.

The Rams are improving

The Rams are improving every week as they give Jared Goff more looks at their playbook.

He is getting a little bit more responsibility every week, and he is using that time to make himself into a better player. You and I might not notice the subtle differences during the game, but it is obvious when they are winning. The Rams are a much better team than anyone could have imagined simply because Jared Goff is getting better with every possession.

Something about his alliance with Sean McVay has broken this team wide open.

What is wrong with the Rams defense?

Something is wrong with the Rams defense that just gave up 30 points to the Cowboys. It is true that the Cowboys are a good team, but the Rams should be able to stop them. There seemed to be a disconnect between the offense and defense in LA.

Perhaps the defense has lost the sparkle that it had last year when we all expected them to carry the team through the season. The defense has to begin playing better if the Rams are going to the playoffs, and they need to pick up the pace if they want to consistently win games. Beating the Cowboys is very good, but this team has to keep winning to remain in contention. There are plenty of other teams that would have beat them today.