The NCAA has many member schools that want to do their own internal investigations because they believe that their schools could be in the middle of a bribery scam that would be similar to what was found by the FBI. What is most interesting about that is that these schools were not concerned until the Feds got involved. They are only concerned about the billions of dollars that they are making, and. they know that they can make their schools look very nice if they do the "investigations" on their own. That is something that has to be done if we ever want to clean up these schools, or will they just hide a little bit better?

Strict parent syndrome

You know that the kids with the strictest parents have the best chance of getting away with just about anything. That kid who has straight A's and has to be studying all the time could end up being a drug dealer making millions a year, and you would never know because they seemed so nice. Their strict parents made them very good at hiding things, and that made it much harder for them to live a normal life. The NCAA has been so stupid in the past that the schools are getting better and better at hiding what they are doing. They will just have to get even better at hiding because it is clear they like making money. They also probably know that they will have to cheat if they want to keep up.

Maybe in ten years, the FBI will find something bigger.

PAC 12 committee

The Pac 12 committee that was made to investigate this will probably be the most honest because all these schools would have to collude if they wanted to hide anything. I think that that panel could root out a lot of problems in the conference, and they might make their conference a little cleaner.

The problem is that not all conferences are doing this. That means that people can make phone calls in secret to find out what other schools are doing. If there was something to be hidden, it would get hidden pretty easily.

Will it ever stop?

If the NBA were to blow up the NCAA model by having their own academies, this would end in a second.

However, I do not think that will happen. That means that this will never stop because someone who works in finance will just find a way to funnel money to kids in a better way where they will not get caught. These people will be looking over their shoulders, and they will make sure that they try to be as secretive as possible. Agents and boosters cannot be stopped because there is way too much money to be made.