Star Wars” fans are probably crying with happiness as a new trailer dropped this week. From start to finish, the video gives us a perfect picture of just how difficult the fight is going to be. From Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil) to Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), here are the things to look forward to in the upcoming movie.

Raw power

We are less than two months away from “Episode 8” and Lucasfilm knows exactly how to keep fans excited. This week, the company unleashed the brand new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer that rocked the fandom hard. Unlike the past videos, we were finally given so much content and action that it just screams perfection.

Fans were finally given a “Star Wars” trailer that shows everybody what the franchise is all about.

The Last Jedi” trailer starts with Emperor Snoke talking about finding someone. As he speaks, we see Kylo Ren/Ben Solo with his back to the camera looking over at what seems to be the ship hanger. Snoke talks about seeing Raw Power in this person, something untamed and truly special. This all suggests that the person he might be referring to is Kylo Ren.

After Snoke speaks, the scene shifts to Rey (Daisy Ridley). We see her talking to Luke on Ahch-To, giving him his lightsaber back. As this goes on, we hear Rey talking about a side of her that’s always been present. In the next sequence, we see her going to a Jedi temple and then training, unlocking her powers to control the force even more.

Just like Emperor Snoke, we also see Luke talk about raw strength. We see him rise from a fallen debris and look on a sea of fire as he continues to talk about seeing this raw strength. He admits that in the past, he was not afraid of it, but now; he is terrified. Is the building we see in the trailer connected to Luke and Ben’s past when he was still training him?

Is he talking about Ben as well? Looks like we will have to find out in the upcoming film.

Let the past die

One of the biggest highlights in the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer is Kylo boarding an imperial starfighter to General Leia Organa’s (Carrie Fisher) ship. As he gets closer to the ship, we see the clip shift to his mother looking concerned and sad at the same time.

We hear him talking about his past while he himself looks afraid. Kylo focuses his aim on the vessel however, he grows more hesitant and sorrowful as he sets his fingers on the button. Will he kill his mother just like he did with his father Han? (Harrison Ford) Is this how the series will bid farewell to Fisher’s character?

For now, everything looks amazing. From the characters to the plot, it seems like the epic sci-fi series will blow their fans away. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is set to premiere on this year on December 14.