The New Orleans Saints are a fantastic team without a featured running back, and they have gone back to their passing ways. They made a bad trade because they did not need Adrian Peterson, and they are benefiting from a move that has left them relying on Drew Brees again. This offense has changed completely, and I am impressed with the way that they are playing right now. This is what they needed at the beginning of the season, and maybe they can make a push in their own division.

The offense relies on passing

The offense has always relied on passing no matter how much they may have used a running back in the past.

This offense has had running backs in the past, but they probably do not need them as much anymore. The NFL has evolved a lot, and Drew Brees doesn't need to hand the ball off every other play. Because of this, they did not need Peterson at all. The stress of trying to get him involved was a waste of their time, and now they beat the Lions because they are doing their own thing.

The defense can improve

The Saints get into a rhythm that their defense can predict if they are playing well on offense, and that is something that makes the team flow better. No one said that their defense would be so good that they would be in the top ten, but they would not sputter because they would look like they belonged on the field with the opposing offense.

There is a confidence that this team gets from the offense playing well, and that is what helped them against the Lions. Though the Lions continued to score, they were not being embarassed. That made the offense more effective when returning to the field.

Can they win their division?

The Falcons are in the top ten in total defense in the NFL, and they are just too good on offense to be caught.

The Panthers might have issues if they cannot get through all their injuries, and they have lost Luke Kuechly to another concussion. That guy might just get hurt all the time, and The Saints may have a chance to catch up to the Bucs in the NFC South. They cannot win this division, but they can make it interesting if they are playing well.

A crowded NFC South is good for everyone in the end because it makes every team look a bit more respectable.

Sean Payton saved himself

If nothing else, Sean Payton has saved himself. His job would have been lost if he kept messing up with Peterson, and now we see how good of a coach he is. He has been on the verge of losing his job for several years, and year after year we see him keep his job for one reason or another. He costs too much. The Saints want him to finish up with Drew Brees. The Saints are afraid they cannot do better. He is a pillar for the community in New Orleans. The Saints have righted the ship, but they must do a bit more to ensure they are competitive in their own division and prove Brees/Payton deserve to stay.