Louisville has decided they want to fire Rick Pitino, but he has already started doing some very Sketchy things in the wake of allegations that he is "coach 2" in the report that was released by the FBI. This guy went into hiding, started the process of selling his house, and he is getting as far out of the spotlight as possible. I am not entirely sure why it is necessary for him to sell his home when he should be relatively wealthy. Or, maybe he is not. Perhaps he was to stow his money somewhere the federal government cannot find it. Who knows what is going on, but Rick Pitino looks like more than a vampire right now.

The school is in trouble

Louisville looks bad in this report, and they have already looked bad after the stripper allegations and the extortion Case that involved Pitino's affair. This school has been in a bad situation for a long time, and that is partly why they also are thinking of firing their AD. Pitino has brought more trouble to this school than any of us could imagine, and that is why he has to go. You can only excuse so many things in the name of winning. This guy has effectively been a cancer for the school even though the team has been competitive and won a national title.

He has always seemed greasy

The problem with Rick Pitino is that he has seemed so greasy for so long that we all just assumed that he had to be guilty.

He has been a little bit greasy going all the way back to his days at Providence, and that has continued to the present day. He has never actually given up the vampire persona that a lot of people make fun of him for, and that is what has made him look so bad. Now, he is selling his home and looking like he could vanish. Would you do that when you were under investigation if you had any idea that you might be innocent?

Actually, would you do this knowing how bad it would look? I think most people would realize how guilty it makes them look to run away from it.

Louisville needs to do more

Louisville needs to do a real investigation into this because it could go a lot deeper than we think. The FBI was targeting Chuck Person and some other people, but Louisville needs to look long and hard at its athletics programs before they all get the death penalty from the NCAA.

Do we think that it was just one assistant and Rick Pitino? Do we believe that it was just basketball? This case seems to have a lot of tentacles, and Louisville looks the worst of any of the accused schools. They have to step up and figure out what happened for their own sake.