There is a massive trend in America that leads us to automatically think that someone who rose to a high rank in the military can lead anything. The problem is that that is not always true. There was a long stretch in the 90s and early 2000s where generals were hired to Run school districts, and they usually did not last very long. They found out that they were not qualified to manage teachers, and someone who used to run the Air Force Academy simply cannot come into the NBA and fix to officiate.

You do not always have to follow orders

In the military, you follow orders, or you go to jail.

If you are insubordinate in the private sector, you lose your job and go get another one. In the military, they send you to jail. That is a major difference between the military and regular life. This is why you cannot plop any military leader in a job and expect them to be great. They are used to leading people who have absolutely no choice but to listen. NBA officials do not absolutely have to listen. They will be as bad as they want, as vindictive as they want, and they will continue to give certain players the calls because they know that the worst thing that can happen is they will get a talking to.

She is probably excellent

I have no idea why Michelle Johnson would want to have anything to do with the referees in the NBA.

Officiating in the league has been bad for a long time, and it probably will not get any better unless we wipe out all the officials and start over. The problem is that you cannot do that. The officials have a CBA, and they will make sure that they hold onto as much power as possible. I bet that Michelle Johnson is fantastic, but that does not mean she can rip up the CBA for the officials and just start over.

That is how you run military units. You walk in and tell everyone where is a new sheriff in town. Since you go to jail if you disobey, you obey. The NBA refs will not have to worry about that.

A subtle nod to 'America'

Hiring a military officer to run the officials is a subtle nod to "America" from Adam Silver, and it smacks of propaganda.

It is as if he is cowtowing to Donald Trump by saying, "look at us. We hired a general!" That is not only pathetic, but it is extremely disrespectful of General Johnson. If I were her, I would want to be hired because I was qualified or wanted. However, an old white commissioner hiring a female general to run the officials sounds like a guy who wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Do not blame her. Blame Adam Silver.