On Monday night, the Clemson Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in what football fans are calling the best game in college football history. Clemson made a winning touchdown with only one second left in the game. It was Clemson's first victory over Alabama since 1905. It was one of the best games football fans have ever seen.

The two Southern schools met for the College Football Playoff National Championship at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. The Clemson Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide with a score of 35-31. People are talking about the college football game and the players, but they are also talking about something else.

Internet reacts to referee

Even though the game was fascinating, people are also talking about something else that was on the field. Mike Defee was the referee who got a lot of attention at the talked-about college football game. Social media reacted every time Defee used his arms while calling a play. Viewers commented during the game, and the referee was the subject of conversations on the Tuesday morning talk shows.

Who is Mike Defee?

Contrary to what people expect, Defee says he doesn't do anything special to have arms like that. However, his arms were something to see during the Clemson-Alabama Championship Game on Monday night.

His arms were described as super buff, ripped, and muscular. By the time the game was over, Defee's arms had their own Twitter account (@MikeDefeeArms). Fan focused on his arms every time he made a call and wanted him to make more calls just so they could see them. Some people say they were distracted by his bulging biceps.

They concluded, though, that it was a good distraction.

Officiating the Clemson-Alabama game was Defee's first time as head referee of a national championship game. When the 54-year-old isn't working as a Big 12 referee during the college football season, he works for an industrial contractor company in Texas. Since he is president of the company, he probably wears suits, and his arms are not on display.