The NBA has a lot of bad Teams in it because there have always been bad teams. Michael Jordan complained that the superteam era has made a lot of different garbage teams that we should not be proud of, but the problem is that we have always had bad teams. Jordan wants to pretend that it was so much better in the 90s, but basketball has always been good. We just happen to have a lot of people who get concentrated on a few teams, and the talents on other teams cannot save them. Moses Malone had to get traded to the Sixers to make a super team, and no one was complaining that they ruined basketball.

Heck, even Lakers fans are not all that bothered by it. The Lakers invented the superteam, but they know when they have been licked. This is a case of false bravado on the part of older players.

We pretend a lot

We pretend that everything was better back in the good old days because we want to believe that everything was great when we were kids. The problem is that some teams have always been bad. At what time were the Kings great? They were good for five seconds, and Bob Horry ruined that. The Clippers were God awful forever except for the past few years. The Hawks were never really that great, but they have Dominique Wilkins for a time. We have always had bottom feeding teams, and that is just how it is.

Players overestimate their abilities

We see many players overestimate how good they are because they just do not think that someone could be as good as them. This means that they think they can obviously beat current players because everything was so much better back in the day. However, the NBA is filled with guys who work out for a living..

That was not the case back in the day, and modern teams would destroy many older teams just because of modern medicine.

Jordan forgets that modern players are very good

Michael Jordan has forgotten that he is not the only person in the conversation to be the best ever. We have many players in the modern day who could be just as good, and we often forget them because we worship Jordan too much.

He decries garbage teams, but the team he owns is a garbage team. Michael Jordan said that the team he is supposed to put together is so bad it almost should not be in the league. This man does not know what he is saying, and he needs to be stopped by a publicist who knows how to get him to shut up. The modern day is merely a phase, and we will see another change that might upset our children in 20 years.