Chad Rubak, an appellate attorney in Dallas, TX, has offered some tangible information and insight following the disappearance of three-year-old Sherin Mathews, of Richardson, on October 7. In a case that has raised more questions than answers for a public wanting to know where and when the little girl will be found, Rubak offered a small glimmer of hope yesterday when he spoke with NewsFix (CW33).

According to Rubak, who is not connected with the case, there is no doubt that the toddler’s thirty-seven-year-old father, Wesley Mathews, is headed for prison.

He stated that Mathews sealed his fate with his account of events that transpired the morning his daughter disappeared after she refused to drink milk at 3 AM.

Mathews told law enforcement that he took the little girl outside and told her to stay by a tree approximately 100 feet behind the family’s backyard fence. He reportedly returned at 3:15 AM and discovered his daughter was gone. According to Richardson Police Department and a sworn affidavit, Mathews also said that he knew that coyotes had been sighted in the area.

Father ‘stupidly admitted’ endangering toddler daughter ‘going to be convicted’

The effect has been devastating. No one can find Sherin Mathews. Justice, however, will guarantee that Mathews goes to prison for the words that came from his mouth before he shielded himself behind a criminal defense attorney.

The least likely man in America to be anointed father-of-the year anytime in the near future “has stupidly admitted that he knew there were coyotes out in the area where he left her, Rubak told NewsFix. Mathews is “going to be convicted.”

Rubak also stated that the “only question is how long he’s going to be behind bars.” Imagine that.

A fortuitous twist of fate. Mathews punished his little girl with a weird form of discipline that is not the norm among thousands of parents who either heard or read his method of seeking compliance from the toddler at 3 AM. She didn’t drink her milk.

Will missing girl’s father learn his lesson in prison?

Mathews will see and feel how it is to be told when to eat and drink once he winds his way through the court process and reaches prison over a glass of milk.

Will he learn his lesson? It would have been so much better for everyone if only the little girl would have been tucked back into bed and allowed to sleep.

An alternative to punishing her was at his fingertips. It’s called a refrigerator. He could have put the milk in the refrigerator and waited until Sherin was fully awake before trying to get the little girl to drink on-demand. Additionally — why the pitch dark tree area behind the backyard fence? The Mathews’ home has a backyard. Instead, he expected law enforcement to believe that he escorted her to an area where he said that he knew coyotes were seen. That somehow makes it better?

Father faces as much as 20 years in prison

According to Rubak and NewsFix, Mathews faces up to 20 years in prison.

The toddler’s father said he left his child “in imminent danger.” Ignoring the facts that there were alleged coyotes seen in the area and it’s too dark for the little girl to see anything except faint lights in the distance, there are also railroad tracks behind the Mathews’ home. Still, according to his account, the father left her there alone.

Dad did laundry, waited five hours to tell police daughter was missing

When Mathews couldn’t find his little girl, he also didn’t think to call the police and report her missing for a whopping five hours. Rather than realize there was an emergency, he told police he did a load of laundry. Newsflash: There is not enough detergent to cleanse hogwash.

The best time to call a lawyer would have been before telling law enforcement a story that’s probably as offensive to Swiss cheese as it is to people hearing and reading the account.

It makes no sense. Accepting Mathews’ version of events also summons law enforcement to suspend disbelief.

In light of a legal expert stating that Mathews guaranteed sending himself to prison as a result of choices he’s already made, he should tell the truth and answer the question everyone wants to know: Where is Sherin Mathews? Anyone with information that can help law enforcement authorities locate three-year-old Sherin Mathews is asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.