The Stanford Cardinal started a new quarterback, and they have a fantastic running back who is averaging around 11 Yards Per Carry. That alone should be reason enough for us to give them more attention, but they play at night where we cannot see them on the east coast. That is a bit of a problem for the Cardinal because they might never get the attention they deserve regardless of who is playing. They had Christian McCaffrey last year, and they have Love at running back this year. We should applaud them and see if they can ruin someone's season.

They always have a good offense

We should have figured out by now that Stanford has a good offense, but we get surprised by it every year. That is pretty sad when you think about it, but they have to have someone run for 11 yards per carry to remind us that they are any good at all. That is why we should pay more attention to them overall, and it would be worth sitting up to see how the games turn out. You do not have to watch them on TV, but you can check them on an app to see how they are playing. Checking the average yardage of this team will tell you a lot about how they play on offense.

Can they win the PAC 12?

If Stanford can beat Washington later in the year, they might be able to win the Pac 12, but they would have to have a lot of things go right for them before they get there.

Washington is probably the better team, but Stanford could win that one game that might help propel them to the PAC 12 title game. If Stanford wins the PAC 12, they would not even make the College Football Playoff. We might see them get surpassed by someone like Penn State who would have been more consistent throughout the year.

Will Stanford ever get the respect they deserve?

Stanford might never properly get the respect that they deserve because they are a second tier team in a conference that has juggernauts like USC and Washington. They are in a conference with a ton of teams that have had much better seasons in the past, and it is sure that the continued success of a team like USC or Washington will go on because they have history and tradition.

Colorado has joined the PAC 12, and they have a history and tradition that we should respect. Stanford goes to the back pages until we want to have something new to talk about, and that might cause some problems for people who are hoping to see new teams emerge from the PAC 12.

The Stanford Cardinal can score, and they can keep winning. However, they might not ever capture our imagination as they want.