Florida head coach Jim Mcelwain has made a reference to death threats that his players have received because of their bad start, but he did not report it to his superiors. I personally do not care if he is lying or not. We all know that college football fans in the south are often not even graduates of the school, drunk when they watch the games and take the games more seriously than church. This is why the idea of the Death threats is not implausible. We can see how people would do this, but it is interesting to note that McElwain came out of nowhere with it.

He must be so tired of it

Let us assume that McElwain made up the death threats. I am not saying if he did or not, but we can use this as the basis of our argument. If McElwain made it up, it is because he has gotten so sick of the threats that people do send to his team that he cannot stand it anymore. Even if the things people say are very benign, he must be so sick of hearing about it. There has to be a level of civility that stops around death threats and threats of violence. For example, I think football coaches make too much. I think some of them are bad people, but that is all. I can call you a bad person and let it go. Some of the fans that love SEC football are so into the games that they forget that football is just a game.

What if they did happen?

Let us assume in this section that these death threats did happen. What would it be like if you are Jim McElwain and you have heard a lot of this stuff before? I think that you stop taking it seriously, and I bet that he does not even consider any of these fans to be real threats. There are a lot of people who are trying to live through these teams, but I bet that McElwain does not see them as a threat.

At the very best, he sees them as crazy people who need to sit on their poor hands, drink moonshine, and yell at the radio when Florida is losing.

The team has had a bad season

Florida has been really bad since they started this season by losing to Michigan, and they have to watch Will Grier be one of the best players in all college football at West Virginia.

They have been so bad that everyone is going to second guess them over and over, and they will probably stay that way because they just cannot get out of their own way. I think that they have a lot of reflecting to do, and I think that all of that reflection is making it that much harder for the team to play. They see all their potential going down the drain because they cannot recover from their various troubles.