The Texans should be able to beat the Seahawks on Sunday, but I do not think that they can do it so easily now that they have to answer questions about their owner. The owner of the team has caused them a lot of trouble, and he has made it very hard for them to function because now they have to wonder where they stand. The Seahawks have been struggling this year because they are running the anthem protest in a de facto manner, fighting internally, and struggling to score. I would still take the Texans, but this is a difficult call.

The Texans ownership problem

The Texans will have to spend all their answering questions about what a virulent racist their owner is. They will have to talk about that instead of football, and some of them might not even play in the game. If they were to protest by not playing, they would give the game away to the Seahawks. I also believe that this is the Perfect Game for a double boycott because I could see the Seattle roster coming out and telling the Texans that they will not play, either. I do not think it will actually happen, but this would be the perfect game for it to happen. When was the last time we just did not play a game in the NFL because of two forfeits?

What about the Seahawks defense?

The Seahawks defense needs to have a very good game so that they can get some confidence back. They could easily carry this team because they are so good, but they have to get in the frame of mind where they can actually make these things happen. They have been off ever since we started talking about how much they seem to hate Russell Wilson because he is the golden child in Seattle.

That divide is going to tear this team apart, and we can see it in the way that they play because they are leaving. This whole division is wide open for the Rams to win. If you do not think that that is a problem, you are fooling yourself. This is not an off year for the Seahawks. They need to decide if they can even be a team after what they have gone through.

I will pick the Texans

I am going to pick the Texans because I think that they can ultimately play for their own pride and come together to maybe even get rid of their owner. I think that forfeiting the game would be powerful, but I think it would be more powerful if they got together and ran off their racist owner. That means that they have to be good and if they won a Super Bowl that would be the ultimate chance for them to disgrace him. They could keep him from touching the Lombardi Trophy. That would be justice.