Wisconsin does two things really well, and they have done these things for a very long time. They will run the ball, and they will stuff you at the line of defense. These two things have been what Wisconsin does for years, and occasionally they have Russell Wilson playing for them and going to the Rose Bowl. However, most of the time, they are going to run and defend. They have done that well this season, and it has brought them near the top of the rankings. Are they actually for real, or is this just attrition in the polls until Wisconsin loses?

Will they lose?

You would assume that they are going to lose just because they are not as good as a team like Penn State, but that does not mean that they will. If they can play Penn State in the title game for their own conference, it would be a great thing. They could decide this on the field, and they would put the decision in the hands of the voters and the committee. In my mind, the winner of that game would go to the CFP. That is a very simple thing to assume, but they have to get there first.

Their identity helps

The identity of the team has been running and stopping the run, and it helps because they all know what they are doing. They have no illusions about any other way to win football games.

They will just do their thing and hope that they win. It has been working this year, and it has been working for many years. They should not stop now, and it could help them against Penn State if it gets to that. Penn State has the best running back in America, and that makes a very big difference.

Wisconsin flies under the radar

We end up talking more about guys who used to play at Wisconsin than the team itself. This is what happens when you are trying to make sure that you honor the people who were so good in college. JJ and TJ Watt are so good that we just forget about the team. We spend all this time talking about Russell Wilson that we effectively forget the team is still good.

They are very hard working salt of the earth type people, and that is why we just do not know anything about them. They are a lot like the rock band that never has any problems in the media because they keep everything to themselves.

The Big Ten is ripe for the taking

Penn State could easily have the Big Ten, but it is possible that the Badgers will have it. They could easily settle this in a title game, and it would be really interesting to see Wisconsin play in the playoff. Maybe they would confuse a more complex offense or defense.