When the Nebraska football team takes the field on Saturday against the Wisconsin Badgers, they might be getting a rather important addition to the team. While the Huskers defense has been lights out since the first half of the Oregon game, there is little doubt the Cornhuskers would love to be able to shore up its secondary.

If a late afternoon tweet by one of Nebraska football’s best defenders can be believed, it appears as though Chris Jones might be going up against the Badgers offense, at least three weeks earlier than anyone had any reason to believe he could get back on the field.

Chris Jones returns to Nebraska football field

Jones, a senior cornerback that got quite a bit of buzz as one of the best corners in the game over the summer, hurt his knee in July. After undergoing surgery to repair his left meniscus, it was expected that if Jones was able to return this season, it would be much later in the year than week six.

Even those who were hoping for the best believed the corner would miss at least two thirds of the season. There were some hints last week that he might be able to come back ahead of schedule, but the tweet on Sunday seems to indicate that Jones believes he’s all the way back. “Just when things seemed impossible, I went into prayer and God said watch me make that impossible; possible God thank you #IMBACK!!!” Jones posted on his social media page.

It’s not clear whether Jones is saying whether he’s returning to the playing field for the Nebraska football team, or whether he’s simply saying he’s able to practice again.

At the same time, it seems as though the defensive back believes he’s ready to go, or he wouldn’t be posting that he was back at all.

Jones had returned to the team in some aspect last week and the coaching staff have made some comments that seem to hint they believe he can contribute in some fashion. Nebraska Defensive coordinator Bob Diaco talked about how the team came together without him.

“He’s one of the best players in the league, one of the best players at his position in the country, so to be without him, everyone’s rallied and circled the wagons, but it sure is nice to see him more engaged.”

Chris Jones more engaged or more involved?

It may seem like semantics but the question as to whether Jones is going to be more engaged or more involved in practices for the Nebraska football team this week could answer whether he’s going to play. If he’s helping to prepare the team, he’s likely sitting out against Wisconsin. If he’s preparing and running around and hitting people in practice, he’s likely playing, at least a little bit against the Badgers.