Sean Mcvay has completely changed the Rams to a point where you cannot deny what he has been able to do. Jared Goff looks amazing, and Todd Gurley is being used in the right way. They have been able to string together a very good season so far, and they are very dangerous in their own division. They were supposed to be doormats that the Cardinals and Seahawks could walk all over, but we know that they are not that bad anymore. We know that this team is so much better than we thought they were, and we have to give them all the credit they deserve.

If McVay is the new Walsh, will he be able to change football as we see it?

Relating to players

We have assumed for a long time that only older coaches can handle locker rooms because they are able to command the players and basically treat them like boys instead of men. That kind of hardcore thought process for a coach worked in the past with people like Bill Parcells, but it usually does not work with players in the NFL because they want to be treated like they are adults. McVay is so young that he is relating to his players in a new way, and I hope that other people will be able to learn from what he has done.

Changing the offense

McVay knows how to make the offense work for the people that he has.

I think that he went in to speak to the offensive staff and asked them what they thought should be done. He then took that information, turned it into a simple formula, and he taught it to the offense. He has given Jared Goff a list of things to do, but he is not asking him to do one thing that he should not be doing. That is why Goff looks so much better because there is nothing on his mind that is too much for him.

Jared Goff is one of the better quarterbacks in the league right now, and it is because he looks like a player who sustains his success.

The Rams are so young

The Rams are so young that they can sustain this for a long time because they are so good right now. You can look at their roster to see that they have gotten so young and fresh that they will be very old and experienced in a few years under the same coach and staff.

They have created a team that is by far the best and most experienced in the league, and they will look very solid because very little will have changed. They have an offensive and defensive core, and they are going to let those guys learn a lot over the years that will help them become great.

There is no West Coast Offense, but there is a new culture in Los Angeles. I think McVay has found something great.