Jeff Fisher was supposed to lead the Los Angeles Rams back to the playoffs after years of mediocrity. Fisher had led the Tennessee Titans to a Super Bowl over a decade earlier and fans of the Rams hoped that Fisher would be able to help bring them back from the depths of the NFC West. However, Fisher was unable to do anything with the team, which was unable to find a quarterback to throw the ball and receivers good enough to consistently catch it. Fisher was fired last season and the Rams hired Sean Mcvay to try to help them in the 2017 Nfl Season.

Sean McVay’s experience

Jeff Fisher had a ton of experience and actually went to a Super Bowl before joining the Los Angeles Rams. However, when it comes to Sean McVay, not only is he nowhere near as experienced as Fisher was but he also is the youngest head coach in NFL history. He was 30 when he was hired, making him younger than Lane Kiffin before he was hired to coach the Oakland Raiders in 2007. Kiffin was gone by 2008 and the Rams hope that McVay sticks around longer than that. A better comparison might be Jon Gruden, who was 34 when the Oakland Raiders hired him.

Sean McVay has only been coaching for nine years now, starting as an assistant in 2008 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He spent most of his time with the Washington Redskins, moving up from an assistant tight ends coach in 2010 to the tight ends coach from 2011 till 2013, and finally as the offensive coordinator from 2014 through 2016.

His first season as the coordinator saw the Redskins rank 12th in passing offense. In his final year with the Redskins, they ranked second in the NFL in passing offense and third in total offense.

The Rams 2017 NFL outlook

Sean McVay told ESPN that it has been interesting since taking over as the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.

He said that he grew up around the game and studied things but he was never ready for the role he is in now and has been learning as he goes – and he says this before ever serving as a head coach for his first preseason NFL football game. However, interesting road or not, McVay has a lot of work to do.

Not many people consider last year’s top draft pick Jared Goff to be a franchise quarterback but that is who Sean McVay has to rely on this season.

There are a ton of rumors that Kirk Cousins wants to rejoin McVay with the Los Angeles Rams if he doesn’t sign with the Washington Redskins next season but for this year, it is all about Goff and trying to win with him. One thing that Sean is trying to push onto the team is a “We Not Me” attitude and it will be important to install if they want to compete this year at all.