Bob Mcnair is the owner of the Houston Texans, and he has proven himself to be a thoroughly disgusting human being. He has tried to backtrack and act like people were not supposed to take what he said literally, but we all know that he said what is in his heart. He likened his team to a prison, and he likened his majority black players to prisoners. For the remainder of this article, Bob shall be referred to as Beauregard because that is what he really is. He is the slave master who thinks this is 1861 and they just fired the first shot at Fort Sumter.

The analogy was his true feeling

You do not talk about black people as if they are prisoners unless you really think that they are not even human beings. So we need to be real and realize that Bob McNair does not consider his players to be real people. He is just using them to make money, but he does not care about them. He came right out and said it. You do not make that analogy unless you have some serious hate in your heart for people who are not white, upper crust, make Christians.

They should have walked out

Apparently, players for the Texans wanted to walk out, but they were talked out of it by people who are on the coaching staff. I know that they could lose a ton of money by doing that, but I really want to know what they could do if they all chose not to play.

I want to see a team have to forfeit a game because their owner is so disgusting that the players cannot even imagine playing for that team. I do not think that it will ever happen, but I think that someone should try one day.

Force him to sell the team

Be honest with yourself; you know that this is just as bad as what Donald Sterling said when he was forced to sell the Clippers.

We cannot have people like this owning a team that is populated by the black men who have families. You cannot allow someone who is this pathetic and disgusting to be involved in anything that makes money. Whatever money he has, he needs to take it and walk away. We do not need to keep dealing with this when old white owners cannot understand that people who live "beneath" them are human beings.

I can assure you that people like this will never stop it. This perfectly good season for the Texans could have gone down the drain because you cannot expect these players to be dialed in knowing that their owner would not mind if they did not even exist in the first place. When you send someone to prison, it is like they have been removed from society. That is how much Bob McNair hates his own team.