There are some rumblings that the Knicks might want to fire Jeff Hornacek because they stink right now. They have started the season about as badly as you can, but they should have already Fired him if they did not want to have him around. You do not go through this massive transition with this guy on your staff, start the season badly, and then fire him. That is just another bad management decision for a Knicks team that should have been able to at least figure out what they had this season.

They were going to be bad

We all knew that the Knicks were going to be terrible, and we just cannot sit here and act surprised that they stink as badly as they do.

This is exactly what everyone thought would happen, but they could have made some gains this season that would have improved their future. They could have started planning, and now they have to suffer through a bad season with an interim coach. Then, they have to hire someone else, and they have to pray that they can get better under that person. They are now another year behind in their rebuild, and they could mess up their roster in the offseason.

They need consistency

The Knicks have needed consistency for a long time, and they have needed to have a coach that would at least be solid even if he was not the future. I thought they might have fired him at the end of the season when they saw that maybe he could not get any better.

However, they would have had a consistent season under a solid coach. They will be another year behind the eight ball, and that is assuming that the coach they hire to take over is actually any good. They probably cannot get that hire right now, and that could make this any worse. We might actually think that they could be begging for Jeff Hornacek to come back.

What do they do now?

The Knicks have to just get through this season and hope that it does not get any worse. They cannot have any big injuries, and they cannot have any bad scuffles with other teams, and they cannot have any upheaval in the front office. They need to make sure that they can keep James Dolan from talking, and they also need to make sure that they can convince their fan base that the Knicks actually want to win.

If you listen to the interview that was done on the "Michael Kay Show" with Dolan, you realize that is an absentee owner who wants to deflect the blame that he rightly deserves for managing the team goes badly. The Knicks have to pick a plan, stay with the plan, and stop firing people.