The entire Republican party welcomed John Kelly’s appointment as President Trump’s Chief Of Staff. The retired marine general had a reputation that proved he was professionally competent. Kelly had primarily been a behind-the-scenes man, but he came under public scrutiny after a recent controversy involving the US President. According to the Chicago Tribune, President Trump is the subject of widespread backlash after he messed up a condolence call he made to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Sergeant Johnson is the war hero who perished with three other US soldiers in Niger.

Did frustrated John Kelly lie for Trump?

The ex-marine and army veteran was chosen to lead the way in a dignified manner. Instead, he decided to take President Trump’s side. He drew flak after he falsely accused a US congresswoman, who had criticized Trump's insensitive behavior towards Mayeshia Johnson.

He then made matters worse after telling an assembled press corps that he would only take questions from a select few. And those include individuals with a connection to Gold Star families. Kelly's behavior shocked many people because they expected better from the ex-general. The US Military is a custodian of American constitutional democracy. Its soldiers are thought to rise above political and personal ambitions, and always uphold what is right.

Is Kelly picking up Trump's bad habits?

With that said, Kelly lacks everything the US Armed Forces embodied. Sadly, he had chosen to please his boss even if the evidence says otherwise. Chief of Staff Kelly exhibits the type of behavior that alienates him from a large number of Americans. Most US citizens are familiar with the armed forces and questioned his authoritarian stance that is at odds with modern society.

According to him, “Women were sacred and looked upon with great honor.” And for him, Gold Star families and religion were “sacred” topics.The fact that he put his life at stake for the nation and even lost his son in combat does not entitle him to characterize other individuals.

Analysts compared him to a splitting image of his boss in the White House after he falsely accused African-American Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson.

And just like his boss, he is deemed as frustrated, angry and petulant; this makes him excellent company for Donald Trump. Perhaps, he should try to learn from the late ex-President George Washington, who transitioned from the armed forces with grace and dignity to a civilian life.