• The first charges in relation to the Russian election hacking investigation have just been approved by a grand jury.
  • According to a BBC report by Julian Borger, "The first charges have been issued in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion by members of the Trump campaign and arrests could be imminent, according to several reports."
  • The report has also been confirmed by CNN, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal.
  • If the charges hold, this would be the first arrest to be made in the year-long investigation into the incident.

The issue has sparked a lot of controversies, as many have also claimed that Donald Trump's team is innocent and that Rober Mueller needs to step down from his role as special counsel on the Russian investigation.

The Kremlin has denied the allegations

I think that there is simply no motive for why The Kremlin would want to have Trump elected as President of the United States. Trump's economic policies are good for the US, which would mean that they are bad for the Kremlin - who want's to have a tougher opponent? If anything, if the Kremlin was belligerent, they would have worked with Hillary, as her policies would be disastrous for our prosperity.

We need to understand that it is in our, and the world's best interest to get on good terms with Russia. First and foremost, they are a nuclear power, and being on bad terms with another nuclear power could spell a disaster for everyone else on the planet. Secondly, Russia is the largest country on Earth - it is in our best interest to get on good terms with them since the economic benefits of being able to use the cheap and plentiful Russian resources would be huge.

The World Would be a Better Place

Oil prices would go down, as would the prices of many different metal alloys. Imagine a world where the US, Russia, and China are all on the same side - it would basically be utopian in nature.

I believe that is the future we need for our world.

And we as citizens are the ones that need to fight for that better world.

We need to fight with our votes, and with our decisions on which politicians to support and finance. We are finally on the brink of having world peace. The Internet has made us more connected than ever before, which means the obstacles of the 19th and 20th century are not present anymore. No matter whether someone lives in China or the US, we all have the same globalized-lifestyle.

The Future

We can all finally get on good terms with each other.

Let's try it out, for once.