In an ambush in Niger, Africa earlier this month, four Green Berets were left killed. In the aftermath, a battle of he said, she said has taken place between Donald Trump and Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson.

Trump vs Wilson

Army Sgt. La. David Johnson was one of four Green Berets who were killed in Niger during a surprise attack at the start of October. The news was in and out of the headlines, with the White House issuing a brief comment, but deciding not to make an elaborate statement on the matter. Critics were quick to pile on Donald Trump, accusing him of spending more time on other issues like his feud with the NFL.

Fast forward to earlier this week when Johnson's body was flown back to the United States where his pregnant widow Myeshia Johnson and their two children greeted the casket. Following the meeting, Myeshia received a phone call from the president while in the presence of Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson. During the call, Trump allegedly insulted the widow, bringing her tears by saying her husband "knew what he was getting into." The remarks were confirmed by Wilson, though Trump and the White House have pushed back, accusing the Democratic congressman of politicizing a tragedy. Chief of Staff John Kelly first attacked Wilson, which was followed by a tweet sent by the president on Thursday night calling her "wacky." As reported by the New York Daily News on October 20, Wilson is fighting back.

Taking to his Twitter feed late Thursday night, Donald Trump wasted no time doubling down his attack on Frederica Wilson after the congresswoman exposed the president's controversial remarks to a fallen solider's widow.

"The Fake News is going crazy with wacky Congresswoman Wilson(D), who was SECRETLY on a very personal call, and gave a total lie on content!" Trump tweeted out.

Donald Trump's tweet comes just hours after Chief of Staff John Kelly defended the president, saying that he was stunned by Wilson's comments, and that he was left "broken-hearted." Not stopping there, Kelly went on to describe Wilson as nothing more than an "empty barrel" who likes to just "make noise."

Wilson responds

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump and John Kelly attacked Frederica Wilson, the congressman spoke out.

"He can't just go on TV and lie on him," Wilson said of Kelly's defense of Trump, before saying that he "needs to stop telling lies on me." In addition, Wilson went on to attack the chief of staff and accuse him of using a "racist term" after he labeled her an "empty barrel." The Democratic representative also doubled down on her criticism of Trump, defending her allegations against him by saying, "he said what he said."