Ezekiel Elliott's case is in court, and both sides have been answering questions about this little child needs attention because he might have been treated unfairly by the NFL. Ezekiel Elliott has gotten through his whole life because everyone felt bad for him because he "needed attention," but we all know that that is not what is going on here. He is an abuser who is trying to get out of being suspended by the league for what he did. You cannot tell me that he is anything other than an abuser, and you can see in his face that he literally feels nothing.

He does not want attention. He wants to do whatever he wants.

Why are we in court again?

The NFLPA and the NFL are going to go back and forth until this case is finally resolved. Elliott is suspended now, but maybe we will see more litigation after the fact. The NFLPA is being forced to represent someone who has the maturity of a middle schooler, and the NFL is trying to force this guy to face up to his problems. As bad as Roger Goodell is at his job, this is one of those cases where the NFL is right. They know that Elliott is a brat who needs to be put on the naughty step, and they just have not been able to do it yet. If you feel bad for Elliott, you have to consider how much emotional baggage he has created in the process of making his life such a mess.

This is the kind of person who starts off bullying people, and before you know it, he is abusing women because no one ever stopped him. But, it is okay because he has athletic talent.

The abuser creates a moral quandary

I want you to imagine how much Jerry Jones would hate Ezekiel Elliott if he was bad at football. Elliott would just be another black face that Jones has to feed, and he would not be fighting for him.

Jerry Jones is the most hypocritical person in the world because he obviously dislikes black and brown people, but he loves it when they can make him money. He is no better than a slave owner, and he probably does not even care that that is how he looks. Jerry Jones is using and manipulating the weak and feeble minded Elliott because he can.

If Elliott had a brain at all, he would have taken the suspension and told Jerry Jones to shove it. This cat has no pride at all, and he clearly does not have any dignity or integrity. He is being used as a pawn so that Jerry Jones can get rid of Roger Goodell, but he is too stupid to notice.

Why do we care?

Are you not tired of caring about people that you know do not care about you? Have dinner with your family instead of watching football, and stop being a Cowboys fan if you are one. This is unbecoming.