Seattle Seahawks trade rumors may present a solution to improving the offensive line. The Houston Texans have reportedly offered a trade to the Seahawks, but it could cost tight end Jimmy Graham in return. A report by NBC Sports also states that the Texans would accept a first-round draft pick for an offensive lineman who could change how opposing teams deal with the Seahawks.

The Houston Texans are willing to trade left tackle Duane Brown, who has been holding out to start the 2017 NFL season. Time is running out for Brown to take the field this year and the patience of the Texans is wearing thin.

Displeased with the state of his current contract, Brown has been missing out on game checks and receiving fines since he announced his holdout. The report by NBC stated that he had racked up roughly $1.5 million in fines and is losing more than $550,000 per week.

Would the Seahawks give up Graham to protect Russell Wilson?

The Seattle Seahawks trade rumors began when the team asked the Houston Texans about the availability of Duane Brown. Reports are stating that the Texans responded by saying that they would accept a trade of Jimmy Graham or give up Brown and a fifth-round pick in exchange for a future first-round pick. A draft pick trade would be helpful for the Texans, as the team gave up its 2018 first-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in order to get Deshaun Watson in 2017 NBF Draft.

That trade has already paid off quite nicely.

On paper, losing Graham could be a huge deal to the offense, but it could be equally impressive to bring on a healthy lineman with size and talent. This could also give credence to Seahawks fans who felt it was a bad move to send Max Unger to the New Orleans Saints for Graham in the first place.

Getting Brown could certainly plug a hole on the offensive line and doing it during a bye week would allow the offense enough time to work with him before a Week 7 game.

How good is Duane Brown at left tackle?

Duane Brown has made the Pro Bowl three times and was even named to the 2012 NFL All-Pro First-Team. Brown has two years left on a six-year, $53.4 million contract extension he signed with the Texans, His contract calls for an unguaranteed salary of $9.75 million for the 2018 NFL season, which gives an opening for a team like the Seahawks.

If the Seahawks agreed to guarantee that salary, he might just be open to a trade to the NFC West. The Houston Texans are so entrenched in an effort not to cave to him, that the team has been unwilling to budge on his demands.

Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson has elevated the Houston Texans this year, giving the team an opportunity to get back to the 2018 NFL Playoffs. Trading Duane Brown for someone like Jimmy Graham could be huge for the team. Likewise, these Seattle Seahawks trade rumors underscore how important it could be for the team to improve its offensive line. The Seahawks did end up beating the Los Angeles Rams last weekend to take over first place in the NFC West, but could the answer on offense be completing a trade for a Pro Bowl offensive lineman like Duane Brown? Is he worth a first-round pick?