The Dolphins have the worst offense in football, and their coach has admitted that they are that bad. Adam Gase has made sure that everyone knows that he knows how bad his team is. He came right out and said that they have the worst offense in football, but I do not believe that he is taking the blame for this. I think that Gase is putting it on the Players and showing the whole world that this would work if he had some talent on his team. He is making sure that he can keep his job, and he might actually make this work.

Put it on the players

This is probably the fault of the players because Gase does not have the quarterback that he started the season with, and now he has to go to Matt Moore.

He has shown that Moore was not the right choice to be their starter, and we all see that the Dolphins were right to make sure that they could have someone else on the roster to pass the ball. Now that they have gone to Moore, Gase has to show that he can do this if he actually has the right people on his team.

Keeping his job

Adam Gase will keep his job because he was smart enough to come out and tell us all that this is not his fault. He should be able to sell this to management and the fan base, and I think that he will get another chance next year with a healthy Ryan Tannehill. It could get even better for him if he is able to convince the Dolphins to draft a quarterback. They might actually get images in their heads about who they could find that he could develop.

They could look to the Rams and think that they can have the same kind of success that the Rams have had if they put the right coach and quarterback together.

Can they get better?

I think that Jay Ajayi can get better, but that is about all they will be able to hope for. The Dolphins lost their quarterback, had to go to the backup, and they just lost so badly that they looked like they did not even belong in the NFL.

Their defense gave up a ton of points to Ryan Mallett, and that is how you know that this team is really bad. Gase can say that his defensive staff did a bad job, and he will probably get a pass if he is able to fire the defensive coaches and fix the team. That also means that he has to take control of Ndamukong Suh who started to choke someone on Thursday Night Football.

You cannot blame Adam Gase for the things that he has done this season because he has no control over the injuries that he has had to deal with. I prefer to think that he can make things better, and I also think that he can get the team on the right track with one more chance.