Bend Studio revealed a gameplay trailer of “Days Gone” at E3 2017. Fans are amazed at the title's gameplay. “Days Gone” is a survival horror game that has a lot of familiar features. Fans that have played games like “The Last of Us” and “Tomb Raider” will definitely like “Days Gone.” The game also offers familiar elements from “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.” Due to this, players can expect outstanding gameplay in “Days Gone.”

Survival experience

The survival experience in “Days Gone” is similar to “The Last of Us,” which is one of the most popular survival games today.

Players will have to hide from groups of enemies as they are very dangerous and will shoot on sight. The gameplay trailer also shows a massive number of zombies. Every zombie also has the ability to run like in “The Last of Us.” Due to this, players can expect that the game will be very intense. The gameplay trailer also shows that players can use different throwing objects to distract humans and zombies. It is one of the most popular features in “The Last of Us” as it will help players to escape danger. There are also several enemy camps in the game, which will contain useful resources.

Combat system

The combat system of the game is similar to “Tomb Raider,” which features realistic animations and accuracy.

Players can also see a realistic weapon sway in the gameplay trailer. Killing a zombie is not that hard in the game. However, players can expect a countless number of them. Players can also choose their style on engaging with enemies. First is being stealthy, which is one of the most popular combat styles in “Tomb Raider.” The other style is to use a machine gun and wreck everyone on the way.

However, it is very dangerous to alarm a lot of enemies in the game.

Weather system

A weather system is not that popular in a zombie survival game. However, “Days Gone” brings the weather system to another level. Players can expect a weather system in the game similar to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild” where players can die from the cold or heat.

The game will also offer rains and thunderstorms, which will block access to several areas in the game, as well as bring muddy and slippery roads. Bend Studio also confirmed that “Days Gone” will have snowy weather, which will change the handle of the motorcycle. The zombies will also get weaker while it is snowing. Due to this, players should consider wiping out all of the zombies while it's snowing.