Many people want to become writers. Many people dream about becoming best-selling authors. Perhaps there is an idea that bestselling authors live a relaxed life, do yoga in the morning, sleep in, drink tea in the garden while listening to the birds, and then do a few hours of writing before retiring in front of the fireplace with a fun Book to read. The truth is, writing a novel is tough. It's a lot of work, and the writing part is just the beginning.

When you have your novel in your hand, wrapped in a binding, you may feel happy inside. You could feel a sense of accomplishment - and so you should.

But writing a book is only half the battle. While you may be exhausting after writing a book, you need to market the book.

The idea may not be original

Some people work on their novel ideas for weeks, months and even years. It takes them time to find the right storyline for the idea. For example, a person may just have the idea to write a book about a man who has lost his wife. The story will be about how he is moving on but gets caught up in a criminal network.

There are many elements that have not been worked out in this story. The idea isn't necessarily original. In addition, there are many gaps and questions that need to be filled. And sometimes, authors don't know how they want to fill these holes to create an overall story.

This is why working on a single idea can take some people years.

It can take years

Now that the book is done, it's time to make money. You can make money by going to a traditional publisher and selling your book rights, or by self-publishing your book. The reality is that you are still responsible for marketing your book. Sure, if you get a traditional publisher, the company may do some marketing for you.

But if you want to make money - good money - you need to market your book as if your life depended on it.

That means it can take years before a book finds a successful spot on the market. It's a great thing when your book becomes successful, but it is a lot of work to get it there. Many people give up in the beginning because they realize how much work it is to write a book, especially since the paycheck isn't guaranteed.

Even if an agency buys your book, the paycheck may be low if you are not a proven success story. The work turns people off, as it is time-consuming with no guaranteed pay at the end.

Do you think you could write a book and then have the energy to market it? Have you made money with a book you've written?