It should go without saying - but massive Raid spoilers ahead! If you are a fan of "Destiny" there is no better feeling than figuring out the raid mechanics by yourself. However, if you want to learn the mechanics quickly and Guide your team members to victory then this guide will help you accomplish just that. The Leviathan raid features a hub world of sorts with four massive doors locking away each encounter behind them. The 4 doors each bear a symbol, the chalice, the beast, the axes, and the sun. You and your fireteam should familiarize yourselves with these symbols as they will come up often during the raid.

Team composition does not really matter for this phase, but any roaming supers such as the Warlock Stormcaller or Titan Sentinel is highly recommended. Heavy hitting weapons such as shotguns, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles are also a good choice here.

The Entrance

Start by splitting up your fireteam into two groups. A strike team, and a defense team, it's a good idea to stick to this formation for you will be splitting up on multiple occasions during the raid during certain mechanics. In order to open the doors, you need to obtain three battle standard flags and place them on the baseplate by the door. Start by selecting a door you want to open, a symbol hovering above the baseplate will tell you where the next standard is located.

The defense team should stay back and defend against the waves of Cabal that come at you. If the Cabal enemy called the Standard Liberator touches the baseplate with a standard in it, they will take it and you will have to go get another one. Look out for shielded Psions during the fight, you will see a prompt "A councilor has appeared" these Psions can give the Liberator an immunity shield.

The Psion's aren't hard to kill you just need to run up to them and punch them inside their shield, but you do need to find them quickly.

A process that needs repeating

The strike team is in charge of finding the battle standard flags, a small army of Cabal will cluster up in front of the door that will spawn the next flag, all you have to do is keep killing enemies and a Standard Bearer will spawn, he will have an immune shield until you have gotten rid of all other Cabal in the area.

Once the Standard Bearer is down you can grab the flag and proceed to plant it in front of the door you plan to open. There will be a Force of Will buff on the base plate every time a Standard Bearer goes down increasing your damage, however, if you do not wish to be locked down in one area you may ignore this buff. Repeat this process three more times until the door opens and starts the next encounter.