Are you getting bored with the same old Murder Mystery, where the main suspect who has committed a crime and a detective is trying to solve the Case? Then it may be time to get creative when it comes to your crime ideas, and perhaps think outside the box when it comes to stories and plot lines. If you need some inspiration on how to find something new, it may be interesting to look at what's playing out in the news at any given time. Just this week in Utah, an 18-year-old teenager is being accused of assisting another person with committing suicide.

Tyerell Przybycien being accused of supposedly encouraging a girl to commit suicide because he was interested in death. The prosecutors in the case believe he wanted to get away with murder, according to CBS News.

Getting away with murder

In the case, he's being accused of encouraging another teenager to commit suicide and he is being accused of this because he supposedly has a fascination with death. Prosecutors believe that he told his victim that by her committing suicide, he would be getting away with murder.

He never actually killed this person with his bare hands and he may never have pushed her in any way to commit suicide, but he was supposedly an influence in her decision-making. This is currently what he's being charged with for now, and it sounds like the prosecutors want to punish him to the full extent of the law.

It's an interesting story with plenty of twists and turns and this is something you can use for your novel.

The unusual suspect

When you're writing stories about people in your novels, you don't always have to follow the book in terms of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or manslaughter. You can create all situations that even the courts may question in terms of punishment.

In this case, they may not know how to proceed to punishment. This is exactly what is happening in Utah, as he's never actually committed murder as such but he did influence someone to commit suicide - or so they say.

You can definitely create a similar situation in one of your novels, rather than follow the traditional protocol.

If one of your characters was to commit suicide with the influence of one of the characters, would he be considered the villain? Would this be a one-time event for your villain or would he continue to be a villain, targeting people who are weak and vulnerable to do the same? What kind of punishment could readers expect to get?

Have you ever been inspired to write a story that challenges the current judicial system? What do you think about a case where a person is being accused of murder for supposedly influencing someone to commit suicide?