Justin Verlander can help the Astros because he is a much more mature pitcher than he was the last two times he was in the World Series. He was once thrown in to the fire, and he just had bad outings when he was much older. This is different because he is on a team that has every chance to win, and he is clearly the most experienced and veteran person probably in this series. I think that he can win this game for the Astros, but we have to wonder what he will do.

How is he better now?

Verlander is a very good pitcher, who has come to the Astros as the seasoned veteran who can help their team level out their performances.

He knows what it is like to be in this kind of situation, and he can help the players learn how to come back from their first loss. They lost that first game because they got caught up in the moment, and they got beat by a better pitcher.

Tonight, Verlander could be the better pitcher, and he is proabably a lot more comfortable than he used to be. He is married to Kate Upton, and he is probably a lot more calm than he ever was. He has made all his money, and this is his one thing that he needs to do. That kind of focus could make him very dangerous.

The offense gets better

I think that there will be a little bit more confidence on the Astros bench because they know now that they have someone on the mound who can save them.

Verlander can out-pitch Phil Hill, and he should. The Astros might score more just because they think that they finally have a chance where they saw it slip away in the first game. Verlander is a little bit more hopeful, and he is probably willing to pump up his team instead of just sit on the bench.

Will we see Verlander again?

We will probably see Verlander again in the World Series because he is on a team that can push this series to least game five. If they are desperate, they might pitch him again, and they can probably get this series to game six where he would most certainly pitch. It is very interesting to think about what would happen if he got to pitch twice, and I think that it would be very good for the Astros.

If Verlander look sbad, I would be surprised.

What do the Dodgers do?

The Dodgers have to force the Astros to play their game. Verlander does not have to play the pace the Dodgers want, but he might feel pressured to speed things up if he gives up an early lead. The team might be fighting to get back in the game, and that would lead him to move too fast. That is the only way to get in his head and make this harder. I think the Astros win, but I can see how they would lose.