If you would have told me back in April that Justin Verlander would be starting Game 1 of the American League divisional series, I would have said the Tigers must have bounced back and had a heck of a 2017 season. However, if you would have told me Verlander would be doing it in a Houston Astros uniform, I would have questioned your knowledge of baseball.

It's interesting to me how many of my friends and MLB fans on social media are rooting for Verlander to get his long sought after World Series ring. While I think it would be great for JV to become a world champion as well, I can admit it would bother me a bit if he did so.

When I see Verlander take the field in an Astros uniform, it is almost like Tigers management is rubbing salt into the wounds of Detroit fans all over again - and here's why.

JV was great for Michigan

Every generation or so, a player comes along that is not only exceptionally good at his craft, but he's good for the community, the city, and the state. Justin Verlander was that guy here in Detroit and truthfully seeing him pitch for Houston almost seems like some kind of bizarre preseason event or charity tournament where players suit up for a different team for a day.

The Tigers organization will try to lead fans to believe that this was a great move and it “had to be done” due to financial circumstances, but that really is far from the truth.

In case many fans don't know, baseball has no salary cap and they don't want one.

Before the Verlander trade to Houston took place, Detroit had already dealt away high salary players JD Martinez, who will be looking for a huge deal this offseason, along with Justin Upton. Adding Verlander to that list was a huge mistake, and the proof is already surfacing.

Earning his money

Verlander is 5-0 with a 1.06 ERA with the Astros. He has recorded 43 strikeouts in 34 innings and has an insane WHIP of 0.64. Not bad for a guy who many sports radio talk show hosts in Detroit said was well past his prime and not worth the money.

Really? Let's be honest. Most fans believe sports figures aren't worth the money they make.

In fact, some of the salaries they pull in are flat out insane. But if your boss or organization is willing to pay you what they believe you are worth, why not take it?

Verlander will be good for 2-3 more years as a starter, and they should have been spent in The Old English 'D'. In fact, if I was GM for a day, I would have not only kept Verlander, but I could visualize him becoming the Tigers closer in a year or two down the road. You know, like that guy the Tigers drafted many moons ago named John Smoltz. He made a pretty good transition from starting ace to top-notch closer.

In my opinion, Justin Verlander should have followed in the footsteps of former Detroit legends Steve Yzerman, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Al Kaline, Hank Greenberg and Isiah Thomas, all which were drafted by Detroit organizations, and finished their careers in Motown.

Yes, it is true that baseball is a business, no different than Ford Motor Company or Kroger, but this transaction is one of the worst business deals the Tigers organization has made in its history. If the Astros do make it to the World Series, I hope Verlander gets his ring, but it will still seem odd seeing him pour champagne on players that aren't named Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, and Nick Castellanos.