Jared Goff has surpassed 300 Yards Passing for his first game this season, and it is almost impossible to imagine. Everyone around football was taking shots at this guy saying that he was not worthy of the first round pick that the Rams spent on him. Radio hosts have done segments saying that he was a mistake, and it was even a commercial on ESPN Radio. The narrative on Jared Goff has changed a lot since the beginning of this game, and it does not matter who he is playing. You have to be applauded when you throw for 300 yards when everyone in football is calling you a bust and a failure.

Perhaps Jared is not a failure, and that may be because he is playing in the right system.

He looks stellar

You do not throw for 300 yards by accident, and it appears that Jared Goff believes in himself. He is gaining confidence because the Rams are beating up on the colts, and it is amazing to see him account for as many points as he has. It is almost unbelievable, and many people would not have believed the score unless they saw it with their own two eyes. Someone is coming out of a church service today and finding out how badly the Rams are beating the Colts, and they would ask if Goff got hurt. No, Jared Goff is destroying the Colts, and he is showing that he can do what should be expected of him.

He is beating up on a lesser team.

Having runners helps

Todd Gurley is a major help for Goff in this offense, and the combination of Tavon Austin, Todd Gurley, and Jared Goff could be enough to make this team potent going forward. No one said they would go 16-0, but it is clear that they can win more games than we thought. They might not even make the playoffs, but they could give the Cardinals and the Seahawks fits.

What if the Rams beat Seattle and Arizona in LA? How would that change the playoff race in the NFC?

Continue on this path

The Rams should not change anything they have done today. They should continue to do these exact things because it is the only way that they can continue to be successful. We have all seen teams get away from what they do best, and we should beg Sean McVay to keep the offense exactly the same.

Maybe we will get a new version of the Greatest Show on Turf that was so popular when the Rams went to two Super Bowls in three years. They may have changed Jared Goff's life today, and it is possible that he could start to give every team in the NFL a reason to be concerned.

Jared Goff is not in the hall of fame yet, but he is clearly on the right track for his personal development. You would have to be crazy to not see the amazing improvement in this young man.