Giannis Antetokounmpo, playing in the 2017 NBA Playoffs, had a mental lapse in the dying seconds of game six in the first-round of the Milwaukee Bucks' series against the Toronto Raptors. The Bucks were fortunate to get a miss on a free throw from DeMar DeRozan with just over 15 seconds to play. The miss kept the game a one-possession game, with Toronto holding just a three-point lead. However, what came next will have the Bucks' contingent scratching their heads, and it will certainly bring some tough questions Antetokounmpo's way.

Final seconds play-by-play

The Bucks inbounded the ball and their star player had what looked to be some chances to elevate over a much shorter defender in Toronto's Kyle Lowry for a three-point shot. However, Antetokounmpo dribbled precious seconds off of the clock and then drove to the basket for a two-point shot, a high-percentage shot that he finished. In doing so he brought his team to within one point, however the dribbling and drive left just under 4 seconds on the clock. As it played out, the Bucks were able to deliver a foul but DeRozan made two shots. That left the Bucks down three again but with hardly any time remaining. They proceeded to turn the ball over on the in-bounds play, allowing the Raptors to prevail 92-89.

The decisions in the dying moments of a game are often looked at more than the decisions at other points. Antetokounmpo, for his part, surely should have either made a three-point attempt, even a low-percentage one, or driven to the hoop in a much more timely manner. There's nothing necessarily wrong with going for a two-point shot if it's basically a free basket.

However, in closing a lead to just one point, you have to leave yourself perhaps 7-8 seconds to avoid limiting your options too severely. This was especially the case given that Milwaukee had no timeouts remaining and had to scramble to put together a plan in their final possession. Perhaps it was this scrambling that led them to turn the ball over in the waning seconds of the game.

NBA basketball fan reaction hasn't been all that kind for the forward. Fans are confused as to why he didn't attempt a three-point shot. That can be chalked up to a mental error, a miscalculation of sorts where the forward believed that a high-percentage two would help more than a low-percentage three.

For the Raptors, they'll head into the conference semifinals for another series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that might be ripe for the pickings. Milwaukee will now have to look toward the future, one that does look bright, as their star player will surely learn from his mistake and grow from the disappointment of it.