Brandon Flynn recently rose to fame through his role on the hit Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." The series deals with the issue of teen suicide and Flynn has been confirmed for the second season of the show. Flynn was recently spotted with Sam Smith, and it appears that the pair is dating though this has not been confirmed.

Flynn recently came out

According to the Insider, "13 Reasons Why" actor Brandon Flynn recently came out online. The actor posted a strong message to his social media with dealt with issues surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. There was a post going around the internet showing that a resident of Australia had paid a skywriter to promote voting no in the gay marriage vote in the country.

In a report by E! News, Flynn posted an image of the pride flag and posted a lengthy message expressing how he felt about this. Brandon stated that he was a member of the LGBTQ+ community and noted that these hateful posts about his community needed to end. He told the heartfelt story of many of his friends who have no support from their families because of their sexual orientation.

Fans were shocked that Flynn announced his sexual orientation on the internet, but many of them thanked him for his kind words. His words resonated with many of the public and they praised Flynn on his decision to speak out.

Sam Smith and Flynn dating

According to E! News, Brandon Flynn has recently started dating singer Sam Smith.

The pair were photographed together being affectionate with one another. The photograph of the couple kissing one another was released online and quickly became viral. Fans began to freak out and share the picture with one another.

In a report by P.S, Sam Smith has admitted in the past that he took his relationships public too quickly in the past.

This was a huge factor in the failure of his last relationship. Fans are assuming this means that Smith and Flynn will be avoiding social media for as long as possible.

The couple has not commented on the photograph that was released. Neither Flynn nor Brandon has confirmed their relationship; however, it is clear from the picture that the pair is romantically engaged.

Fans are hoping that they will address their relationship sometime soon.

The pair were seen more recently on a date in New York City. The couple were seen going to dinner together but were not photographed this time. Fans are delighted for both Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith.