We are all actors. We make history. Everything we do has an effect. Habit is the basis of most actions. Good habits are the basis of well-being. Bad habits are the basis of most harm. The best way forward is a Daily Action check. I offer a sketch of one at the close of this article.

There is no life that cannot be improved. There’s no condition that cannot be changed. The only fixed happening is our death. Accepting that adds preciousness to life. All life can become daily decisions. That does not mean we change for change’s sake. It means that we consider daily how we’ll move.

Seeking good

Our ideal motion is toward what is good. What’s good for us should be the good of all. That is how our love can best exist. That is how our love can underlie all life. We should let love energize all our deeds. Kindness can be a default mode of being. Patience can save us for what is to come. The best action is not a flashy show. The best of all will often be unknown.

Sketch of a daily action check

A daily action check considers what’s to come/how to deal with a problem. Start with three little affirmations. Affirm that it’s something you can tolerate, affirm it will be something that’s helpful, and affirm that what you’ll be doing is democratic. Then, affirm beauty is truth and truth is beauty.

Then, slowly say to yourself these three words – foundation words describing what is good: “Freedom…love…justice." Close by saying the value beneath all universal values – non-idolatry.

Finally, an inner conversation

It may be words you hear silently inside. Perhaps remarks that come to you from a higher place, someone you have trust in.

Jesus said we could talk thus with Abba. You receive, I would hope, something that moves your thoughts forward, something that affects actions.

That’s it. Today I considered writing this. The thought was to make sentences crisp -- not too long, but not too sing-song.

Global citizenry

A daily action check is a universal mantra.

Fashion one just as you like. Use any words you wish or none at all. The miracle of life is that no single person is the same, yet we are all one. I am no guru and I only say what works for me. We are our own teachers, not to mention, sometimes, our best doctors.

Any recipe for good change includes love, the energy that is our social thrust. To bring love on so it can change the world involves our willingness to channel it. A daily meditation by any name is almost a necessity. We all need time to keep a course in life.