LeBron James may be cheap -- his words -- but he's still getting the hook up due to his fame. During a recent interview with ESPN, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar claimed that he doesn't like spending money on apps, despite being more than wealthy enough to do so. One of those apps is Pandora, where he still listens to the ads that can be eliminated with a premium account. The company heard of his plight, however, and has since taken the steps to make sure James is never subjected to a commercial for NBA tickets again.

Pandora to the rescue

As with everything these days, the bond was formed over social media.

After their name was mentioned by the superstar, Pandora saw a genius marketing opportunity that would cost them just a few bucks in actual expenses. All they would have to do is publicly reach out to James and have him respond in kind. It worked like a charm.

The reaction on Twitter was mixed. Some people were proud of James for getting the hook up he so desperately needed. Most of those people took to posting memes of great moments in the superstar's history, as they often do surrounding most of his posts.

Others called out James for economic insensitivity. Critics claimed that he should spend the $3.99 per month it costs to have a premium account with Pandora, a cost many people can't necessarily stomach (never mind that a Pandora account is hardly a necessity for anyone's day-to-day life).

Other things James could use

Now that he has the whole Pandora issue squared away, James should recognize that he has the opportunity to pull in many more freebies from companies around the country.

Here are other needs the Cavs superstar should address:

  • Some Rogaine -- that bald look is working for James now, but has a short shelf life.
  • Gillette razors -- shaving material for the face, but only if he gets some Rogaine first.
  • His newest pair of shoes, which he should then gift to his plethora of new teammates as a gesture of goodwill (and dominance).
  • A winter court -- his former teammate Richard Jefferson is going to need one when he signs with the Denver Nuggets.
  • Tickets to a Cleveland Indians World Series game -- wait, the Indians lost in the first round of the playoffs? Never mind, then.
  • A social media manager -- no more of that subtweeting business this season.
  • Any vacation destination for mid-June -- just so that he has plans at the ready when the Golden State Warriors end their season again.