The Cleveland Browns got embarrassed by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, but the Bengals are still in a bad place. They have a terrible offense, and the Browns have a plan for the future that is not working yet. Adam Jones can say whatever he wants about the Browns, but he is wrong. The Browns are in the very first phase of a complete rebuild around Joe Thomas. They plan to keep him on the team for as long as possible, and it appears that they are going in the right direction. They do not have to win every game to show us progress, and they have been getting better.

Also, besmirching Hue Jackson's good name is just not a good idea.

The Bengals stink

The Bengals can think whatever they want, but they are a terrible football team. They did not score points until this Sunday, and they probably still have a split locker room over whether Andy Dalton should be playing or not. Adam Jones has a history of having a big mouth, and he needs to keep it shut. The Bengals cannot even compete this season, and he is going on about the Browns roster. It is kind of pathetic to listen to, and it makes me wonder if he even realizes how bad his team is.

The Browns have a plan

The Browns have a plan that will help them improve over the next couple years while they try to give Deshone Kizer a chance to succeed.

They have the best center in football, and they have a developing defense. There is nothing about the Browns that suggests that they are not built to win. Are they built to win right now? No. Are they built to win in the future? Yes.

What if the Bengals change quarterbacks?

We cannot expect the Bengals to keep scoring points like that every week.

They had one good game against a bad team that is trying to rebuild. It stands to reason that the Bengals should have beaten the Browns, but they cannot smear the Browns after the fact. The Bengals could change quarterbacks at any time, and they could go right back to the drawing board. You and I cannot predict the future, but the locker room in Cincinnati would be a major disaster if they suddenly made a change after having a decent week.

Should the Browns start winning?

The Browns need to win a couple of games before they start to lose their confidence, but they do not need to win a ton of games to show us that they are any good. We might want to see the Browns have one big offensive game, and we probably need to see them stop a team cold on defense. The glimpses of greatness that they can give us will make it much easier to project what the future will look like.