Cam Newton has doubled down on his comments about a female reporter asking a question about receiver formations. Now that Newton has lost an endorsement from Dannon, he has decided to do a little bit more than shy away from the comments after issuing an apology. He wants us to believe that the comments he made were a compliment, but we all know that is not true. Why would Newton come out and pretend that he was trying to compliment someone that he just insulted?

He does not get it

Newton does not get why he cannot say the things that he says. The more he talks, the more he comes off as an entitled brat.

This latest quip is something that should never have come out of his mouth, and I fully expect to see someone else drop him for endorsements in the next couple days. Dak Prescott just got his Dannon endorsement, and maybe Dak's agent will get another phone call from another angry company.

Cam needs a babysitter

Do you remember when the Cowboys considered hiring a babysitter to hang out with Dez Bryant, and that was all because he might or might not have been involved in indiscretions at a WalMart? The Cowboys were hoping to stop Bryant from doing stupid things, and the Panthers need to consider hiring a publicist that will walk around with Newton and tell him if he is allowed to talk in certain situations.

He knows that he is going to see the media every Wednesday, and he screwed this up as if he had never been there before. He keeps talking, and no one seems to explain to him the specific reasons why this is a problem.

The Panthers have to answer more questions

The Panthers will be saddled with the questions that Newton creates every week until the season ends.

Newton might not be in the midst of a scandal involving what he said to a female reporter, but it seems like it will always be something. He cannot get out of his own way, and everything has been going downhill since the Panthers lost the Super Bowl. Perhaps the Super Bowl loss was too much to bear, or maybe Newton has always been like this.

The dad effect

We recall that Newton's dad was a big part of his recruitment to Auburn, and his dad probably is still a big part of his life. There are a lot of people who are going to think that Newton needs to sit down and talk with his dad, but maybe his dad feels the same way. We have to be sure that we hold athletes to account even if they are not Newton. This is not his problem alone. He is simply the most clueless of all the superstars with outdated ideas.