Blizzard has recently teased a new “Overwatch” event coming next week. Posting on Twitter, they shared a short clip revealing that Halloween terror 2017 will be coming next week on Oct. 11. Aside from the seasonal brawls, fans look forward to the new legendary “Overwatch” skins during events. While we already know that Reaper and McCree will be getting a new costume, Blizzard hasn’t shared who else will be getting some new cosmetics. That said, here are some heroes that desperately need a new event skin.


Ana is one of the Support heroes in the game and is also the very first character Blizzard added as additional content.

Strangely enough, she’s one of the two heroes who still don’t have an event legendary skin, the other character being Doomfist. That said, her Epic skins are extremely popular, like Tal and Ghoul. Even so, Blizzard should definitely give Ana some love this time around and give her some frightening costume for Halloween. Perhaps they can give her some kind of Plague Doctor or Alchemist skin?


Zarya has gotten quite a few legendary skins over the past few “Overwatch” events, but none of them are that impressive. Her anniversary skin was extremely strange, to say the least. Her Summer Games skin is arguably the best legendary event skin she has so far, and it’s pretty plain compared to her normal skins.

She has a lot of potential for costumes this Halloween because of her big and bulky stature. Maybe they can make her some kind of pirate or troll this year? Whatever the case, they should just give Zarya a good-looking skin this year.


Aside from Ana, Doomfist should also get his very first “Overwatch” legendary event skin.

Since the character is already an established villain, it shouldn’t be too difficult giving him some kind of scary costume. Like Zarya, he has a really big figure, making him a perfect Bigfoot or Cyclops. If Blizzard manages to give Ana and Doomfist a costume, all the heroes in the game will finally have an event legendary skin.


Unlike the other additional characters, Orisa got her first legendary event skin not too long after she was patched in the game. She only has one event skin, so it’s only fair that Blizzard gives her at least one more. Many people think of Orisa as some kind of horse character, so many they should just dress her up as a horse this Halloween. Alternatively, maybe she can even dress up as some kind of cowgirl. In any case, Orisa should probably just get a silly costume this year.