The “Overwatch” development team always try their best to reach out to fans. They often post updates on social media and even communicate with players on the forums. That said, there are a lot of things to consider when posting new data online. That said, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has shared some details on how the team actually feels when posting on the forums.

Scary situations

According to PC Gamer, Kaplan recently posted on another thread in the forums. However, instead of sharing about another update or teasing a character’s new skin, he talked about his experience when it comes to properly addressing fans’ requests.

He claimed that posting online felt both “scary” and “intimidated,” as the developers are constantly worried about saying the wrong thing. He added that very few of the “Overwatch” team actually post on the forums since its both time consuming and/or “extremely intimidating.”

Kaplan noted how easy it was to post the wrong thing and make a “promise” to the fans that nobody intended to make. Since it’s already out in the open, they can’t simply take back what they said. He also mentioned how the team can’t hide behind anonymous handles when they post, and they are often personally attacked and threatened. That said, it’s easy for players to release their frustration on the developers when they aren’t good at the game.

He stated an example of how if they were to bring up the hero Mercy, many fans would automatically assume that she will be getting a radical change in the next patch. There have been plenty of netizens who’ve emailed the Blizzard bosses pleading for Kaplan and the others to get fired.

New Lore

That aside, the “Overwatch” team is also working on expanding the game’s lore.

Just recently, they released a new comic featuring Zarya and Sombra. Titled “Searching,” the story takes place after the thrilling “Infiltration” cinematic short released back in BlizzCon 2016. Katya Volskaya assigns Zarya on a personal mission to hunt and take down the Mexican hacker. After globetrotting and fruitless searching, the Volskaya CEO decides to call on an Omnic hacker to help the Russian soldier.

While Zarya was hesitant at first, the two manage to work together and track down Sombra in Dorado. Things get pretty messy from there, with Zarya questioning her ideals and morals after the confrontation. Overall, the “Searching” comic adds a new layer to the game’s growing lore and provides more depth to Sombra and Zarya.