October is finally here and now many players are looking forward to another “Overwatchseasonal event. Two months ago, Blizzard released the Summer Games again, featuring both old and new cosmetics. Many players are hoping the developers will also bring back the Halloween Terror event this year too. Luckily, it seems like recent leaks confirm that the event will be returning later this month.

Celebrating Halloween

According to Express.co.uk, there are some new details hinting that Halloween Terror is coming soon. There is a new retail leak that hints the event will be turning this Oct.

10 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While fans should take leaks with a grain of salt, most “Overwatch” events are usually leaked beforehand. That said, Blizzard always teases their events a week before, so we should probably be getting an announcement this week or so.

It’s worth noting that the same event began on Oct. 11 last year. Going by this, it would seem like 'Halloween Terror 2017' will also run until Nov. 1, allowing players a good amount of time to enjoy the seasonal brawl and collect enough event skins. Halloween Terror arguably had the best skins, ranging from Witch Mercy, Ghoul Ana, and Pumpkin Reaper. It will be interesting to see what Blizzard has in store for the “Overwatch” characters this year.

Similarly, Halloween Terror 2016 also introduced the Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl. Here, a group of four players composing of McCree, Ana, Soldier: 76, and Hanzo had to defend the Eichenwalde castle from incoming zombie robots. This mode was a major hit, so there’s a chance we’ll see it again this year.

New comic

In other news, Blizzard has expanded the “Overwatch” lore by dropping a new comic.

Titled “Searching,” the story follows Zarya’s search for Sombra after the “Infiltration” cinematic. The Russian soldier is tasked with hunting down the Mexican hacker after she bribed the Volskaya Industries CEO. However, after several roadblocks, the CEO calls an Omnic hacker to help Zarya.

While hesitant at first, the two unlikely partners work together and eventually track down Sombra in Dorado.

The comic fleshes out the characters while adding more depth to their personal lore. Interestingly enough, Zarya also manages to uncover Sombra’s real name. At the end of the comic, the Russian soldier is left feeling conflicted about her emotions and ideals. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.