The USMNT had only given up an early goal when I took note of them faltering against costa rica. I believed that they could probably come back despite some missteps, but they lost the match to Costa Rica. This is a real setback, and it is decidedly scary to see them play so poorly. I know that they have already fired their last coach, but it seems as if they are not adjusting well to a new regime. What is the problem with the USMNT that leaves them losing matches they should win? Is it because they are not playing in major tournaments that we are paying attention to?

Why the lack of pressure?

Well, look around at the sports landscape in America. We do not even care about this tournament, and I do not care all that much either. I care because I would like to see the USMNT changed in a way that is tangible and helpful because people are naturally rooting for them without being willing to be critical of them. If you even think of talking negatively about the USMNT, you are decried as a soccer hater. You could not possibly understand the sport. You just hate it because you like all those regular sports. No, I just know that we suck at it in America. Our best athletes in women's sports play Olympic style sports including soccer and basketball. Our best athletes in men's sports play football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

This is not hard to figure out. However, these are still professionals, and they do not often play like it.

Slow deflation

Do you remember the show "Mr. Wizard" from Nickelodeon? I loved that show. He did this experiment once where they put a piece of ap e on a balloon and poked the balloon through the tape with a pin. The balloon did not pop, and the pin kept the air in the balloon until it was removed.

If you take the pin out, the balloon deflates slowly because it cannot pop. That is exactly what happened to the USMNT against Costa Rica. They were playing alright, but they gave up that early goal before everything started to slowly fall apart. We never realize that this team finds ways to lose because they slowly deflate.

There is never some precipitous drop in their play that makes you say, "oh my God, that is terrible!" You watch as they somehow manage to lose.

I nominate Tiger Woods

I want to nominate Tiger Woods as the new coach of the USMNT. Yes, Tiger Woods. The golfer. Could you imagine Tiger watching their lack of mental toughness? I think he would lose his mind. Kobe Bryant can be his assistant. They would harangue this team until they realized that they are being mentally weak for no reason at all. Come on, USMNT, make this happen.