Game developer Firaxis and publisher 2K recently launched the latest addition to “Xcom 2,” which was “War of the Chosen.” It has added new content to the game and it has made it into a totally new one. After downloading and launching it for the first time, I fell in love with its features.

So, what are these new features that I am talking about? I will divulge all of the information I know so far of what is new of this add-on.

Three new resistance factions join in

In the new add-on of the video game, players will be introduced right away to the three new factions.

These factions are the Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templar. These are powerful allies that will help in defeating the alien threat, but they also hate each other.

Sniper rifle-wielding Reapers

The Reapers specialize in stealth and long range attacks. They use their sniper rifles in killing distant enemies and they have a chance to not get caught. A meter gauges their chances of getting caught and warns them if it gets full.

Former ADVENT Skirmishers

The Skirmishers are actually the alien soldiers that rebelled against their masters and are trying to end them. They are very powerful warriors on the battlefield and can use a grappling hook. They use these hooks to scale buildings and also pull their enemies towards them for a melee or point-blank attack.

Psionic energy-wielding Templar

The Templars are human soldiers that have strong psionic powers and use them against the alien threat. They use Psionic blades to barrage their enemies with numerous slashes. They also use different kinds of skills that are based on psionic energies.

New type of missions

In the first few hours that I played in “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen,” I had a mission that made me locate and kill an alien general.

My soldiers were barely alive after the ordeal due to the high level of its difficulty, but it was also fun to play. It gave me a new experience and this expanded my methods and strategies in this new campaign.

New advanced options

The video game also has new options to choose from, when they choose a new game. They can choose these options in the advanced settings after choosing the difficulty and the type of DLCs to include.

It gave me some new options like double health points for both parties and it also doubled the recovery.

The new options even allowed me to choose to have one of the new resistance factions to join us right away. These options made me happy because players are given the choice to opt for an easier or a more difficult playthrough.

Photoshoot is a lot of fun

Another funny, but awesome addition is the photoshoot feature after a successful mission. They would allow players to pose their soldiers, add text, choose a background, and take a photo. This will help spread the word of the resistance and would allow more people to join the cause.

It was fun to fiddle with the different options in the new photo op feature.

Players could pose their soldiers in different poses to get that perfect shot. They could also change the colors, fonts, and arrangement of the texts.

New enemies and bosses

The aliens have also bolstered their ranks with new units that could seriously damage my soldiers. These new enemies are The Lost, Priest, Purifier, and the Spectre.

The aliens also have three new bosses to look out for aside from the Alien Rulers. Players will have to look out for the Assassin, Warlock, and the Hunter.

These are the features that I have encountered after playing “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.” Interested gamers can buy the game and the new add-on on Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. They can purchase the main game and the deluxe edition for a discounted price right now if they hurry.

Check out the "XCOM 2: War of the Chosen" Launch Trailer here: