The Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in football, but does that translate to a championship come time for the Super Bowl? Can this team actually make their way to the Super Bowl, or will they be stopped short because they are not a clutch team? The Chiefs raise a lot of questions because they are extremely good, but they have no playoff success to speak of. This team has literally not been on a significant playoff run since they won the Super Bowl with Len Dawson over 40 years ago. That would make many people pause, but they can definitely be declared capable.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith has been derided as a game manager, but he is playing like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. There are a lot of people who are going to avoid Alex like the plague until they see him win a playoff game. It would be much like the doubt that was cast on Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco before they both played in a Super Bowl. Alex Smith can prove a lot of doubters wrong, and this might be the year that he does it because of how well he is playing.

Kareem Hunt

The Chiefs need to be sure that they have gotten as much out of this guy as they possibly can because he can totally make a difference for them. They have not had someone this explosive on their team before. Jamaal Charles is very good, and Priest Holmes was very good.

However, Kareem is much better than that. Many people are playing this guy in fantasy football every week because they think that he is their best chance to win. These people are using this guy because they see him as the next big superstar, and they turn to Tyreke Hill after Hunt has opened up the passing game for him. Yes, this team can score more than the Patriots in a playoff game.

The Raiders tripped up

The Chiefs could easily stay ahead of the Raiders if these two teams continue to play their best. The Raiders are very good, but they had a bad weekend. The Chiefs have been very consistent this season, and they step ahead of the Raiders because of their consistency. They have been impressive on offense, but the Raiders need to fix their defense before they can be considered better than the Chiefs.

You might be thinking that the Raiders were supposed to be better, but the Chiefs surprised them. And we have not even discussed the Broncos who could also fight to make the playoffs from this division.

I will leave the Chiefs at the top of the heap until they show me that they should not be there. This team is very good, and they can be great.