Merriam-Webster defines an introvert as "a reserved or shy person." Nowhere does it say, "They don't socialize with anyone at all." This is a common misconception.

Nowadays, when you're all alone in a cafe, people look at you like something's wrong with you. It's as if they're looking at someone unapproachable, weird, and unfriendly. Worse, they treat you like you got stood up. I hate to break it to you but these are definitely wrong assumptions.

It's not such a big deal at all. I'm not entirely sure why people always think about others in a manner that fits the 'ideal' situation.

Well, normally, you see groups of people together and that's why you'd assume that those are the standards of socialization. That's not entirely the case, though.

It's not like introverts don't socialize anymore. They just want to do things in ways they find comfortable. They feel perfectly good if you leave them in a tea house with a book in hand. They'll go to Starbucks and sketch flowers. They probably indulge in awesome music while they watch people go on in their daily lives.

They're alone and that's really just fine. Even Thought Catalog talks about the advantages of being an introvert.

Good listening and analytical skills

Not a lot of people can master the art of listening. You're so good at it that when people talk, you automatically go on counselor mode and assume the role.

It's likely the reason why a lot of your close friends seek you out especially during rough times. We wouldn't be surprised if your phone kept ringing and as it turns out, it's a friend in need.

In addition to this, you've got some superb analytical skills. It's not just problems at school or work; you can even analyze people's behavior, personality, and motive.

Usually, your guesses are spot on.

Thinking becomes a habit

This is like next to breathing but heightened to the point of overthinking. It's not such a bad thing so long as you manage it well. You can even explore different ideas, options, and possibilities because of this behavior.

Fewer friends, fewer problems

I strongly agree with this one.

Introverts are best in avoiding friendship drama. That's their strongest suit as well. They want to maintain close and healthy relationships, not destructive ones.


Introverts are highly independent people. They do things their own way and they do not like to depend on other people. This is admirable as you can see them put in so much effort in what they do without relying on others too much.