Willie Snead has been suspended for three games because of a DUI, and he has hampered the offense in New Orleans because they have one less weapon to work with on a team that is already devoid of talent. They have a problem holding onto players who would be helpful to them, and they only have Drew Bree's standing under center. I think that it could be hard for the Saints to win games now that they have that much more turmoil going on on their roster. They are now the worst team in their division, but they have a hall of fame quarterback.

They needed Snead

Willie Snead is an integral part of this offense, and he must be there if they want to have any chance of being successful. I can see them struggling to score points because they do not have a threat that they can use in the red zone. They get Snead back after three games, but they do not get a well-oiled machine after three games. They will need three games to adjust, and now they could be 0-6.

Why are the Saints lagging?

The Saints are lagging because they are in a place where they are no longer modern or scary. Teams in the NFC South are simply not afraid of them, and the NFL is willing to force the Saints to beat them. They cannot do that because Drew Brees cannot pass to himself.

He does not have enough weapons to work with, and he is not in the groove that he found when they won a Super Bowl. Who Dat culture is not the same. The only thing that the Saints can say at this point is that they have actually won the Super Bowl. They like to pick on the Falcons especially, and that may be the only fun they have this season.

The team has no defense

When I say no defense what I mean is there is no way for them to stop people. I think that it could get very ugly for the Saints just because they will not have any way of keeping their defense off the field. They could get picked apart by a team that prefers to run the ball, and they would lose the time of possession battle so badly that they would have no idea what to do.

That is a scary prospect for them, and it is not something that I would want to risk. They just never fixed their defense because they gave all their money to Drew Brees.

They are wasting the good years

They got a Super Bowl ring, and they sort of fell back after that. I can say that every team in the NFC South has grown more than the Saints since 2009, and I believe that they will not grow at all unless they blow up the entire team and start over in a hurry. If Drew Brees is allowed to lead, it could be done.